Vitória, Espirito Santo


Would you like to visit me here?

For a small-town girl like me, I am still, in awe that I always end up in big cities--- huge even, where big things happen! I call myself-- a former Beijinger, a brief New Yorker, and now an adopted Brazilian!

As for my new life in Brazil, allow me to introduce to you the lesser known city and state of Brazil-- Vitória, Espirito Santo which is currently my newest adopted city.

Vitória is the capital city of the state of Espirito Santo. Located in the southeast part of Brazil, which is an hour plane ride or 9-hour bus ride from Rio de Janeiro. This city was rated as the second Brazilian capital with the best quality of life, according to research institution at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation. This same research institution also claims that Vitoria is the 9th best city in Brazil to work. The capita income among the capitals of Brazil. In 1998, the United Nations rated Vitória as the fourth best state capital in Brazil to live in, rating cities on health, education, and social improvement projects. 

It has also the largest port in handling a ton in Brazil.

But more than those facts. These are the 10 things I love about my new home city:

1. The magnificent view of sunrise every morning-- from my flat.


2. While my night view is also competing for that top spot. ;)


3. The beaches that made it a perfect place to be! While having ice cream or fresh coconut juice.


4. The scenery just reminds me so much of home. Coconuts, anyone?! :) 


5. Their food is a delight to my stomach. ;) I LOVE IT! Damn, the Brazilian BBQs are the B-O-M-B!


6. My choices of weekend activities vary from walking, swimming, paddle surfing, and kayaking!


7. The architectural and historical buildings and churches around the city, made it fabulous. While the Favelas contributed to the beauty and character of Vitória, too.


8. What can I say about the people? They are the most beautiful! Literally! And the most chilled individuals. They are ever so friendly, helpful, and accommodating. In many ways, we Filipinos are like them. Prayerful even. 


9. The night life scene and party goers look like this...


10. I can of course tell you the bad things. But why should I?!-- when there are so many beautiful and positive things to say about Brazil, moreover about Vitória. More than anything, by focusing on the better things, it will even change our mindset about a place, a country, a city, and its people. In my case, I'm jumping high in such joyous vibe just to be here. Thankyouverymuch! :)

Last August, I finally hosted a friend in my flat. My Chinese friend, Chris, whom I met in Beijing through Couchsurfing meetings, and now lives in Sao Paulo-- came to visit me here in Vitoria for a weekend. He brought me so many goodies and we cooked everything that I missed from China.

So I'm still open to hosting friends and families here until December 2017. Just bring me goodies and cook me comfort food. ;)


What do you love about your city where you live now?