Bohol, Philippines


What to do in Bohol with your family?

If I have one word to describe Bohol, it would be: peaceful.

Since I came all the way to Malapascua, and went back to Cebu, and took a ferry boat from there to Bohol, it took me almost 24 hours of time travel. The Southwest monsoon was not cooperating with me, so I was stuck in Cebu Port for over five hours!

While waiting for my delayed boat, I indulged myself into their famous rice, puso and chicken bbq.

Cebu to Bohol by fast ferry is one hour and a half, for Php520. There are a few fast ferries that goes there and vice versa. Click here for schedules. 

My family on the other hand flew from Iloilo to Cebu, spent a night there and took the ferry boat to Bohol in the morning. They were in Panglao before afternoon strike. While I got to Panglao at midnight!

The best thing about Bohol is you can visit ALL the tourist attractions in one day. Every vans or cars for rent exactly know where and when to start the tour if you’ll book them. For this trip, I have entrusted my dear sister to do all the planning and bookings. After all, this was her second visit.

Since there are seven of us, budgeting this trip was very important. And we also considered the fact that we are travelling with three very “moody” senior citizens! Haha Well, honestly, that only goes out to my mother. :P Good thing, Senior Citizen Cards present a 20% discount on fares, foods, and entrance fees. So that alone was a big save.

We stayed in Panglao for this trip, which is thirty minutes away from Tagbilaran City. We got a family cottage in Casanova Garden for Php800/night. We took two rooms for the seven of us. If I have only known the conditions in Casanova (a far cry from the pictures), I would have to chose Bohol Bee Farm, having read great reviews about the place. A friend also suggested another place, but this one near Tagbilaran City which he genuinely like, Nut Huts. Click the word for lists of accommodations in Bohol and Panglao.

It’s a pity on my part that I never really got to explore the “hidden gems” that this place has to offer. How I wish I stayed longer so I could have learned how to drive a motorcycle (that every tourist seem to enjoy), try out diving (Fun and Sun recommended a nice dive shop), wandering & getting lost around (this is one place in the Philippines that it’s VERY safe to do it), and swimming all day long (I came a day late so I have to keep up with my family’s itinerary). Next time, for sure! ;)

I’m greatly impressed as to how Boholanos promote and help their tourism system. Everyone helps out. Everyone is friendly, helpful, and accommodating. Expat tourists seem to be at home in this island. This is quite visible, especially in Panglao where most resorts and lodging houses were Swiss, German, French, and American named (or owned). It is indeed a nice place to be both a tourist and a local. Saludo ako sa inyo, Boholanos!

Here's what to see or what to do in Bohol

Sagbayan Peak 


Butterfly Park


Mahogany man-made forest in Bilar


Tarsier viewing in Loboc


Bamboo Hanging Bridge in Sevilla


Zipline adventure in Danao


Prony, the python


Baclayon Church


Panglao Beach (at night) 

We skipped the Loboc River Restaurant cruise because we have a family in Bohol who prepared home cooked dishes!

But don't leave Bohol without your souvenirs.

Have you been to bohol? what else can you to do there?