When I lived in China, I've met the most inspiring people through, CouchsurfingThese people have taught me that our world is meant to be explored. It's meant to be appreciated and meant to see how wonderful the people are. 

I hope that my travel stories can inspire you

to kick off your wanderlust desires!


Tips On Your Solo Adventure

Always wanted to do a solo traveling trip? But you don't know where and how to start?

Here are my 10 tips from my own solo adventures and experiences!

Rio Carnaval 2016

The most fabulous and biggest party in the world! 

And it should be on your Bucket List!!!

Ouro Preto, Brazil

It's one of the most beautiful and best preserved colonial towns in Brazil.

And a UNESCO world heritage site.

Beijing, China

Traveling to Beijing, soon? Here are my top favorite things to do, see, and places to eat in the city that adopted me for 8 years.

A more off-the-beaten-path guide, so to speak.


Vitória, ES, Brazil

Here's a look at my new adopted city. Come visit me here?

Note: I'm only here till December 2017.

Harbin, China

Do you like to experience and travel to a very cold place in Asia? And at the same time experience one of the biggest Ice and Snow Festival in the world?!

Siargao, Philippines

Do you want to go to Mindanao? Go to the underrated but beautiful island of Siargao!

Xingping, China

After a successful self-finding-slash-self-indulging-solo-travel in 2012, I found myself starting a tradition.

That is, to take a trip once a year, on my own, to collect memories, try new adventures, and meeting inspiring people. 


Bohol, Philippines

If I have one word to describe Bohol, it would be: peaceful.

Let's make it two words though: beautiful and tranquil. ;)


Malapascua, Cebu

I can't honestly remember how and when I heard the name, Malapascua. I know at a time that it existed somewhere in Pilipinas. And it officially became the kick start of my yearly solo travel adventure.


Boracay, Philippines

If there's anywhere I wanted to be in the world, it would be along a white sand beach, sipping some milk shake, reading a book, and watching the sun sets.