As a grown-up I believe we need to see it from a child-- on how simple and uncomplicated life is.

Teaching children everyday, for almost eight years, has surprisingly kept my sanity intact! Yes, it is no easy job but it is and has always been the most rewarding feeling for me.

If you'd ask me how I did it?! Well, I have managed to have the following ingredients in me, which kept me going through all these years: patience, energy, creativity, and imagination. It did help me. BIG time.

Since learning is relative, which is also one of the lessons I learned from my kiddos, I did not only teach them but they also taught me GREAT lessons as well, that I dare to say, we forgot to remember as adults, or as we all grow older.

1. We are all unique, special, and great in our own rights.

I couldn't imagine if my kiddos were all the same. I think, I would have given up to be a teacher after a week! Their uniqueness and different traits are the very reasons why I look forward yo a new wonderful and great experience with them each day. This is also why I love this job so much. And as I learn to value that uniqueness in each of them, I also learned how to understand the people wanted to be understood.

2. What's done is done.

Children are masters of "trial-and-error". But they never knew that they did something wrong until you told them so. You need to be specific of the judgement you made for them. The way I do it, I explain the "exact" part of the wrong things they did. And when they finally understood it, and they said "sorry", don't ever bring that up again. They knew they were wrong and they said they were sorry, so don't talk about it ever again. The end.

3. Talking is a must.

In the kind of world we live in now, wherein adults are diverting their interactions with their gadgets, I take it as a good sign when my kiddos are noisy talking with each other. It shows that they are engaged in great conversations. Most of the times, we failed to allow children to talk with us or talk enough. I learned to quiet myself and just allow them to speak. It has interesting results in the end! It's pretty remarkable, too.

4. Play is a must too.

Children learn in playing. Playing allows them to solve problems, to relate with others, and to discover that it is wonderful to be in this world. So when I find myself stuck in my own personal dilemmas, I just go out and play with them! The joy of being able to be yourself, regardless of the circumstances around you, is immeasurable.

5. Laugh, Laugh, and Laugh!

Children are champions in laughter. No wonder they are sooo happy. My kiddos can really turn my very BAD day, into a day filled of fun and laughter! That's how amazing they can be! Now, do yourself a favor, LAUGH! Put back that "sense of humor" in you. Yes, you need to be serious, I get it. But don't you think you needed a break from all that? It will make everything better, you'll see.

6. Don't be afraid to show them your real emotions.

I read this from somewhere, "We must not raise a generation of people-pleasers but children who are unafraid to speak up against the things that are not right. They learn how to do that from us (adults)." As an educator, I try my best to be cautious with my actions in front of these children. I realized that children learned what is right from what you are doing and how they see it as you do it. So I learned how to voice out my concerns and disappointments, and how to act properly, and how to handle a situation in the best possible way that I can.

7. Be patient.

Perhaps, it is my gift but such trait should be in each of us as well. You see, some of my kiddos are slow, as they have their own learning paces on their own time. So I have accepted the fact that they're not moving in the pace I expected them to be (which reminds me of #1 on this list) or along with the rest of their peers. With them, I learned not to give up and focus my determination to the good results that will come out of it. And such result is so rewarding that I could dance and shout for joy, "This child finally did it!" So don't ever give up on yourself. Never ever!

8. I Love You and its many forms

Children don't put labels on LOVE, the way we adults do. They simply show it and express it at any given moment. Whether it's in a form of a kiss on your cheek, a tight hug, a hold on your hand, a sweet smile, or a look from their sincere eyes, these gestures are the language of their pure souls. They don't need to utter the words, "I love you" because they are love in its truest form. So if I give you a kiss on a cheek, a tight hug, a hold on your hand, a sweet smile, or just a happy look on your eyes...it is my way of saying, "I love you, dear."

What have you learned from a child lately?