Counting Years in Teaching

Why did I become a teacher?

I honestly, didn't want to.

That's because growing up, I saw how my dear Nanay have greatly dedicated her daily life to lesson planning, making test papers, checking papers, marking grades, and submitting piles of papers at the end of the year. 

At a young age, I thought to myself while watching her, I don't want to do THAT job and the amount of work she's doing as a teacher. 

Yet, my favorite game as child was role-playing as a classroom teacher--- with a plywood board, white chalk, and imaginary students.

Looking back, I believe it is truly my fate and destiny to become one.

So here I am, 13 years and counting in a profession that I no longer consider as a job, but more than anything, my passion.

In honor of this profound realization (haha), I am starting a series of blogs about teaching and other teaching-related stuffs. Hopefully, by doing this, I can help guide new teachers and at the same time learn from them. Perhaps it will eventually lead me to create a sole website about this, but for now, allow me to start my baby steps here. ;)


What topics I would most likely to share here?

  • Classroom and Behavior Management

  • Circle Time Ideas

  • Pinterest Inspired Activities

  • Classroom Games and more

  • Literacy Books and Literature

  • Songs and Youtube video resources

  • Organizing your lessons and plans

*Please keep in mind that my teaching (years) experience is more on Pre-school and Kindergarten. So this may only be good or applicable to the teachers on this age group. But I am open to discussions, guidance, and sharing ideas with teachers in all age groups. ;)

Are you a teacher as well? Are there any topics you wanted me to write about? ;)