Punta Bulata Resort Spa, Negros Island


Where to find a peaceful resort spa in the visayas?

Our ultimate goal for this backpacking trip was to go to the less touristy places, like Boracay, but still, be able to enjoy a pristine beach to ourselves. Hey, we have 7,000+ islands to choose from after all!

After many researches, we came across the 10 Philippine Gems.

Three of which is located in Negros island, and we went to see...

1. Danjugan Island in Barangay Bulata, Cuayan, Negros Occidental

2. Apo Island, few kilometers off Negros coast

3. Mount Kanlaon in Kanlaon City, Negros Oriental


In order to get to these places, we took few stops along the way. Our next stop was...

So from Bacolod City, we took a Ceres bus to Hinobao-an (Fare: Php 172.00/person). From the main road, we took a tricycle ride to take us to the resort. (Fare: Php 100.00/person)


This resort spa was actually beyond our needs, as we were budget traveling. For me, as long as I'll get a clean and working bathroom & toilet, I'm good. I'm soo easy to please. ;)

But Punta Bulata is our doorway going to Danjugan island. (More details about it on my next post.)


Here was our welcome drinks, as part of the package...

We had a good deal though, as we paid Php 1,900 for a Family Cabana that originally costs Php 4,100/night. Phew! What a huge difference no?! 


And yes, I was very happy and beyond satisfied of their bathroom and toilet!


We are too lucky to have this beach to ourselves. Off season in the Philippines is great, but occasional rain (with matching thunderstorm) can be a huge bummer! :P


And oh, they had the best native chocolate we've had!

I'll recommend Punta Bulata for the ones who are looking for a relaxing time. They have plenty of massages you can choose from. We especially liked their sauna room! If only we can bring it with us. ;)

#frenchieatpinah tips

1. Research! Research! In our case, it paid off because we found good deals online.

2. When taking a bus, make sure to be at the bus terminal early. Take a seat in the front as the road gets bumpy along the way.

3. Ask about the right fare. More often than not, some people tend to give us an outrageous price because I'm with a white guy.

Have you been to a resort spa before? did you have a good experience?