Taal Lake, Philippines

Want to explore the smallest volcano in the world?

Taal volcano is worth a day trip from Manila, Philippines. 

This trip was more like a mini reunion with our dear friend from Beijing, Wilbur who was kind and generous to host us in their farm/ ranch house in Tagaytay


He was kind enough to pick us up at the airport, five hours after our original flight schedule, treated us for dinner, and drove us for two hours to their vacation slash ranch house in Tagaytay where we stayed for two nights! 

He even cooked and prepared breakfast for us! I am so blessed to have such heartwarming and generous Filipino friends! Really.

So the next day, we went to see the infamous smallest volcano in the world-- Taal. 

The crater lake on volcano Island is the largest lake on an island in a lake on an island in the world.

We went on our own to do this trip by taking a tricycle ride. Which was a bit rough considering the road we were taking.

But it was a nice adventure for us and we were able to take our time. We asked our tricycle driver to take stops for us just to take pictures and embrace the scenery.

When we got to the base port of the lake, we found several "resorts" doing a package tour to the crater of Taal, most of them are including lunch. We picked, Tiantongco's Resort from the mainland. And took their designated boat.

Going to the top of the crater is quite a hike, about 30-40 minutes. Most tourists opted for the horseback riding. Since we have started that day on an adventure, we took the hike on foot. And it was more fun for us! Haha.

The slope is not so steep, so it's easier to hike. Some parts were muddy and unstable though. But the higher you go, the view becomes clearer and more beautiful of the island. This being a tourist place, you can hire a guide as you wish.

The volcano's crater was a delight to see! It was surreal to be standing there in person. Because I grew up having read about Taal volcano in my school's textbooks. So if you could, do give Taal volcano a visit!

Although the volcano had been a deadliest one in the country. Don't worry too much about the state of this active volcano because they set an alarm level when an eminent eruption is about to happen. Taal volcano has been asleep for 40 years that no amount of golf balls can wake it up! ;)

It's worth to have your true love's kiss while you're up there. ;)

Oh, don't forget to bring (bottled) drinking water, although they sell them there. And try to wear comfy shoes. I'm soo used to wearing slippers on a hike but for once, I wished that I wore comfortable shoes. ;)

After a long day and hike, we treated ourselves to a nice early dinner at Sonya's Garden in Alfonso, Cavite, which is also a great place to take your lovey-dovey on a romantic date. It's about an hour and a half ride on a jeepney from where we came from.

Here's our expenses for this trip:

Php 2,000 for the round trip ferry boat.

Php 50.00 (per person) for entrance fee

Php 300.00 (the cheapest) for a guide, although in the end we realized we could have done the hike without her. But yeah, let's help local economy. :)

Php 500.00 if you want to ride a horse to the crater

Have you been to a volcano crater before? How was your experience?