Malatapay Market Day


What's a market day in the Philippines like?

Malatapay is the small village you will have to pass by before taking on a boat to Apo Island. It is also known for it's Wednesday Market Day where farmers and herders sell their goods and their cattle.

To get there from the island, we asked a staff at Liberty Lodge, where we've been staying, if we can get a good deal of a round-trip-boat to Malatapay. If we take the local one, we need to pay Php 300.00 each for one way. They gave us a Php 600.00 fare for the two of us-- roundtrip.

We decided that it's best to have lunch there.

We tried the...lechon! This is a feast on our mouth!!! (Php 120.00 for 1/4 kilo)


This whole meal costs: Php 300.00 (grilled fish & drink were not in picture).

Many years back, the Malatapay market day was known for it's no-cash-bartering-trade-only. Modern lifestyle has of course changed this practice. In this modern day, a full grown water buffalo costs Php 45,000.

It is such a lively market day! Farmers, fishers, and Bukidnon tribespeople come here to sell their most treasured catch or livestock.

Even an entertaining and scary cobra show was to be found here!

Frenchie also decided that he needed a haircut and we were pointed to the direction to a house with a very welcoming family. They offered us santol after the haircut. Never say, no to a Filipino offer. It's an insult. All we ever want is to welcome a guest and offer something. ;)

As we went back, we explored more of the goodies we can find in the market...

And Frenchie had a glass of Php 5.00 coconut wine or locally known as tuba!

Then we settled in under a coconut tree to wait for our boat to take us back to Apo Island.

All in all, it was a fun Wednesday well spent. You need to see what the locals do, right?! So we are such in a happy mode. Can you tell?! ;)


Have you been to a market like this when you traveled?