Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo


What is a fiesta celebration in the Philippines?

It's an annual celebration of fun festivities and short family reunions. That sort of thing.

In my hometown, Barotac Nuevo,  it happens every June 13 in honor of our patron saint, San Antonio de Padua.

Since it was Frenchie's first ever fiesta experience, we made sure he had a FULL Filipino cultural experience, as it was his first ever visit in the country, too.

A fiesta is a week-long celebration of religious and cultural presentation.

And since my hometown is a football craze town, we also have several schools and national teams competing like a World Cup tournament-- that Frenchie was also able to play into.

Then of course, the highlight of the week is the food festivity with the most famous dish on the table--lechon. 

Fiesta in the Philippines is that time when every household in the town (or village), I mean literally, every household prepares Filipino dishes for their guests, families, friends, and relatives who would come to their houses. For most of us, it's a good time for family reunions and catching up.


Also part of the town fiesta festivity are the feria games, set up around the town plaza. Because a fiesta is never complete without these. Frenchie had to of course experience it, too!

As a fabulous ending, was a coronation night for the fiesta queen and king, that ironically, was a Brazilian samba theme that year. It was a good sign for our boldest dream and leap of faith.

Frenchie had a really good time, can you tell?


Have you also experienced a fiesta celebration? How did it go?