New York City (Part 2)


Because NYC gives so many things to do and to see!

With so many things to see and do in NEW YORK CITY, it is rightful to have more than one blog entry about it. Read my first one here.

Now, let's talk about interesting things. As a major city tourist attraction, New York city has a lot of tours around-- that caters your interests and what you wanted to learn about. Frenchie, as introvert as he is, is surprisingly a hip-hop fan! Apparently, growing up in France, hip-hop has quite a huge demographic following with the Frenchies! So he was really happy to have found a tour that we will learn so much about the history and birthplace of hip-hop! We signed up for HUSH TOURS.

It was a fun and interactive tour! It's quite pricey for $75 each. But we've seen a good detail of the history of hip-hop as we went around from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Harlem!

In this tour, there was hip-hop dancing tutorial!

We even have hip-hop rapper & singer, Grand Master Caz as our tour guide!


We went to see the graffiti exhibit at the New York City Museum. Graffiti as you may or may not know, is an art form associated with hip-hop!

And stopped by the APOLLO THEATER!

Another famous activity when you're in NYC is to watch a Broadway musical! But tickets can be quite expensive! I wanted to see this...

Now let me tell you this: there's a not-so-secret way to save money for a Broadway musical: try a ticket raffle or get a SRO(Standing-Room-Only). For raffle tickets, check out the website of the play you wanted to watch. Like THE BOOK OF MORMON, they have their raffle draw five hours before each show, everyday. So just show up at their venue and fill out their raffle tickets. They only give out 10 (2 free tickets) before every show. Sadly, we didn't get a chance.

The other option which we opted for, was the SRO! Since The Book of Mormon is quite a famous and great musical, getting a SRO had a very slim chance. You literally have to line up from 11 am at their ticket counter for it! Phew! So we tried the almost as famous show, CHICAGO! 

We just went straight away to their ticket counter and ask if they still have a Standing-Room Only, and it is for $27 each as compared to the $100 regular. Horrayyyy!!!

Standing-Room Only literally means you will have to stand for the whole duration of the show. Fortunately, we were able to grab two chairs at the back row. Yay! ;) Chicago was phenomenal! I have to watch more musicals because of it!

After watching a Broadway in NYC, you might as well go to TIME SQUARE which is a block or two away from the musical theaters! Here, you will be among the hundreds and hundreds of tourists from around the world that come to NYC to visit this infamous landmark!

My (twin) cousin, Vida who is now a certified New Yorker was our tourist guide! She also introduced us to the most well-loved Halal Guys of 53rd & 6th! Who are selling the yummy goodness of Halal (meat on rice) food! Since we're on the topic about food, coming to the US, we've realized that it's all about quantity! What do I mean?! Just look at the sizes of their servings! 

My aunt took us to Stardust in Broadway street, for a total American-diner experience! And this is where you can find the hopeful Broadway singers while waiting for that BIG break. Think: singing cooks & waiters! :)

Just look at the sizes of these dishes! It can feed four people! Their milkshakes have refills with the same size of your order! Kalooka!!! Nonetheless, Frenchie is one happy diner! ;)

While walking around 74th Street, we spotted this underground Hummus Place.


And it was worth every tip we gave! ;) (In the US, you have to tip at least 15% of your total cost.)

But if there's any food or place to eat we love in NYC, it would be the "food by the pound", which you can find at almost every Deli around the city. Basically, this is a self-service atmosphere where you can choose from the variety of ready-to-eat-dishes and place them into a container. When you get to the counter, the cashier will weigh in your container and you will pay according to the weight of your food. They're usually around $6-9 per pound. We really love the healthy options it gave!

So if we have to sum up New York City in one word?! Well, it's just simply f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!!!

Is NYC on your travel bucket list? Or do you have an NYC travel-must-see?