“We loved with a love

that was more than love.”

Frenchie and I have been together for about five years now. Most of which, were long distance. It wasn't exactly how we planned our relationship should be, but somehow we ended up in this so-called, LDR--- him being in France and me being in Brazil at the moment. 

A lot of my friends have been asking me, as to how and in what ways did we keep this LDR thingy work?! Which, I have to admit, was also quite a surprising thing for me because I was never a fan of it to begin with, having had bad and failed past relationships myself, from such nature.

But with Frenchie, it was different--- it felt different. It was even easy. And I really, really think that a huge part of how this relationship is such a SUCCESS is because of our age, maturity, experiences, openness, trust, and communication.

Sure, you're thinking it's easy for me to say all these, but I guess, when your heart is in a right place and at a right timing, it will tell you that everything will be alright with the right person you love--- regardless of your distance and even time zones!





This page, will somehow give "helpful ways" on answering those questions. I'm no relationship expert, in any way. 

MY DISCLAIMER: This is purely from my own personal point and personal experiences, that you may or may not take from. ;)



Frenchie at Pinay are officially married!

Here are the details of our French wedding and some helpful tips of planning a wedding as an expat.


Major Life Update!

Well, well, well...

Just read about it ;)

Career or Love?

When you're torn on these two decisions, how would you choose, and which one?

Do not just move on...move forward.

So your heart was broken...by a guy that you thought loves you, just as much as you love you him. You're not just upset but you're borderline...suicidal.

Gurl! Your world should not stop just because of this or because of him. In fact, you have to THANK HIM for doing this. Really...

Before you fully love someone, love yourself first.

I'd like to share some of my insights of my own personal journey as a girl, lady, or woman I am today. I have gradually achieved being THAT--- being genuinely contented in my own skin, with my intellectual mindset, my career, and life goals.

Why I'm Not Married--Yet!

Sometimes, some people---like myself, takes a different route. At almost 35, I choose to do the things I ever wished and ever wanted to do with my life...before I settle. 

Because sometimes, there's nothing wrong with going against the norm.

The Art of Letting Go

To all those who have loved and lost. May this poem comforts you...somehow.

A poem by Consrael.