Why Advice Giving?

Dear Ate D, is a new column on my blog. This idea came about, after several friends— and even strangers have been asking life, relationship, and career advises from me as an OFW and an expat living abroad.

I’m no expert, that I’m aware of, and in no way going to deny the fact that I have no professional or educational training on giving (unsolicited) advice. I’m not even going to call myself a life coach— as what other friends have suggested, because truth be told, I may be needing a life coach for my own.

So why I’m starting this? 

For almost 15 years of living abroad now— 8 years in China, a year in the US, and almost 4 years in Brazil, I have been fortunate to experience the world through immersing in different cultures and it’s people, with a constant connection with OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) in my community. Throughout these years and experiences, I have been humbled by the people I’ve met and their extraordinary stories, that I know for sure we can all learn from, we can get inspiration from, and we can aspire from.

The ultimate hardship of living abroad is being away from our circle of support— families and best friends. Sure we can talk to them and ask for their help, but sometimes it’s difficult to ask people who never walked our hardships and difficulties the way we went through it, on extreme homesickness.

I have always wanted to share these stories, and now I have somewhat found a voice for them through this platform— my blog. 


My ultimate goal is to be inspired, to learn from these queries, and to ease whatever hardships we get through as expats in a country foreign to us. I believe that having to find each other’s support, we are going to make a difference on the way we move forward and live our lives, which I really hope, is for the best. 

I hope that when you read these life queries, you can spread the positive take-aways from these people— to your own life and loved ones. 

Here’s to making 2019 a year of finding a voice, making the best version of Y-O-U, and learning lessons from women that you can relate with!  

If you have questions to ask or life lessons to share, feel free to send it my way!