Let's Talk About Beauty




For the most part of my growing-up years, I thought that whatever "shortcomings" I had in my body will be my life-long insecurities. But then, LIFE happens--- like moving to a new country, to a diverse culture, and to different standards.

In the end, I became proud all of my-so-called-insecurities...

I have small boobs. I've been surrounded by women in my family who were just as flat as me, so I was never been insecure, nor did I think of having more after realizing that some girls have "gifted" boobs.

I have big eyes. Countless of Chinese girls have swoon their love for my big eyes and wished to their gods they were also born with such.

I have brown skin. My European girlfriends would swear to trade their skin to me. Once or twice a year they spend $$$$ just for skin tanning. Yes, Kate Middleton you're included!

Being skinny is genetic. So don't hate me. I have told some guys I've dated that I would have loved to gain weight. That's why I'm most likely the last one to stand up from a dinning table.

I know, I know, I'm not going to be a hypocrite by saying I don't have any insecurities in my body. Sheeettt, that woman named Candice Swanepoel is she for real?!? I also saw her last month with her baby bump at a furniture store and she was exquisitely divine! The world is indeed unfair! 

Yet again, seeing the likes of her, on billboards, magazines, TV, and social media created thousands & thousands of insecure women around the world.

But did you know that it's what killing us softly...women's body are turned into things & objects by media (and advertising).

It has become a heartbreaking epidemic in our society for over 40 years!

How can we stop this?

We need to change our attitude. 

I became aware that the more I embrace my flaws, the more I become content with my body. 

We all need to stop obsessing to be someone we're totally NOT. 

I can't be Candice Swanepoel because I don't have her genes and blood, and I'm sure she's having a tough time to cope up with her own hotness. Physical beauty is fleeting, we'll all grow old with wrinkles and saggy boobs. Haha.

What we all need is simplify our lives. 

I just realized this when I started packing my things. I spent a lot of my money on CRAP! I had more garbage than real and valuable things. Frenchie taught me that spending money on worthwhile expenditures made me richer, a.k.a. traveling, good food, and good books.

I am also lucky to be surrounded by strong, unique, and amazing women, who continuously remind me that women's beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and they don't give a shit of not being the "normal" size that our shallow society expected from us all.

So please, please, choose to embrace and love your uniqueness. Your individuality. And your amazing-ness as a whole person. Nothing less.

So girlfriends, how can we REALLY start loving ourselves? In what ways?