A Letter To My Younger Self

Here's What I Wanted To Tell To My Younger Self

I've always kept a journal all my life. But they're kind of everywhere and not really consistent. I wrote mostly about my reflections on the lowest moments in my life. Specifically when I was heartbroken! Don't we all?!? Journal writing became my source of courage. But I realized that when I'm on a happier state-- like where I am now in my life, I was seldom inspired to write anything. That's why for the last four years, the most consistent journal I have is: The Happiness Project Journal.

These past few days, I've started to re-read again my other journals, as old as 2014. And I was quite surprised, that I can hardly remember that I've written something so profound and inspiring!

So I wanted to share it here with you, my girlfriends! ;)


Dear Child,

I am your older version. The version who have been through it all in life. The version that will tell you so much about the world, its people, and most especially-- YOURSELF.

I tell you this now, more than anything else, that LIFE IS HARD, very tough! But in that toughness and roughness-- it is beautiful! And I want you to understand and experience it from my own eyes.

First and foremost, remember that who you are, the real you-- will contribute so much as to how your life will turn out to be. That even in the toughest of days in your life, you will realize that being who you are will change circumstances and perspectives.

So start from your pure heart. Love what you see. Bring out your most beautiful smile. Always think that every new day is a gift. It is a gift of life. Not everyone are given that gift. So be grateful the moment you wake up and opened your eyes. The sun is a living testimony that you are given the opportunity to shine each day from the moment you get up.

Smile. Always smile. 

Be kind. Treat yourself with kindness as well as the people around you. Remember that when there are days that you can't smile, it's okay, but don't put other people down as well. Yes, it's okay to feel bad that's why practice kindness for you. But never forget that each and every person you meet have their own worries, challenges, and problems, so remember that understanding them also means that you're kind enough and that's already love.

Yet, never assume. It's okay to ask questions but know when to stop asking-- that's when they don't want to talk about it. More often, the silence you bring will also bring calmness and comfort. Never assume that you're better than them. Be grateful that you already achieve something. Your humility can go a long way for people who acknowledges you in that manner. Never assume about people's bad actions. There are some things that are too personal and you are only allowed to see it from afar. In that case, only hope that they will be better soon.

If there's really anything that I want to tell you as a secret ingredient to my life, it would be, I'm a very prayerful person and I talk to God as my best friend. I go to church but I'm not pretentious. I go to church to feel His presence and really listen to what He's trying to tell me. God has never ever forsaken me. And I have given my life in promise that I will live a life in His love, guidance, and protection. For me, to be able to do that is, I love. 

I do everything with love, whether I do the simplest of things or the unbearable ones. I show affection and kindness and respect to all the people around me. And most of all, I love myself by valuing my worth as a person.

You see, the world maybe ugly at times but don't forget that with your love, affection, and kindness-- they can create a HUGE difference. Yet, when someone treats you otherwise, learn to stand up and walk away. There's this tiny/little voice at the back of your head that speaks to you, so always listen to it. You can't go on allowing people abusing you for your kindness and love. 

As a love for yourself-- learn to stand up and respect your own feelings. There will always be a solution, a substitute, and changes when you say goodbye, or when you walk away from them.

Life is what we make it. Your life is how you make it. So don't ever, for one second, believe that you can't make it. Dream big and small. Focus on that goal, and do things with love. Before you'll realize it, you already had your dreams come true. 

Be a good person. Be a believer of God. Be a dreamer. And you will be an achiever.

I love you.