Paris, France (Part Un)

What was my first impression of Paris?

Honestly, I wasn't blown away as much as I expected to be. I was somehow expecting it'll give me a type of feeling when I first came to New York and Rio de Janeiro. For both cities gave me an adrenaline rush of excitement and the energy was too infectious. But with Paris, I don't know, it was at one point, blunt.

Perhaps, it's with my word: expectation. Or maybe because I came in the winter season, which is my least favorite season. Or maybe, I watched way too many Hollywood movies about the city that I was having all these scenes in my head, hoping it will all be just the same as I saw them. 

Yeah, I wasn't as fascinated with the city as I expected myself to be. It's not all bad. I still think that the city is beautiful in its very artsy way. But somehow something is missing, at least from my opinion. Nonetheless, I can't seem to pinpoint what made me indifferent with the City of Light and the most romantic city in the world. Perhaps, in my next return, I may have a different opinion about it. 

But for now, here's what I can say about Paris...


It's beautiful in it's very historic and classic way. Every building and monument is a reminder of the past that dwells so greatly in our present time.


The art and grandeur of every street is laudable. I now understand why great poets and painters of all time have chosen this city as their residence for a good amount of years.


The Parisians have really been living to their stereotyped-identity, being café lovers and fashion trendy.


Museums, parks, gardens, and shops have its own distinct feature and vibe that will fascinate you depending on your mood.


The metro needs improvement though. It's really not wheelchair friendly, or in our case, luggage friendly.


Their food is absolutely sumptuous, although you need to know that there's a hack to order savory-affordable-French-cuisines. (I shall tell you more of that on my next entry.)

I am looking forward to actually really immersing myself in this city. But for now, those our my few impressions about the City of Light. I'm very thankful that my first visit was with my Frenchie, who schooled me with all the history lessons about every place, monuments, museums, and streets that my ever curious mind wanted to know about.


Have you been to Paris? What was your first impression?