Diving in Malapascua


Are you curious as to what the underwater world looks like?

It has been my life long "secret" desire to learn how to dive. But since no one in my immediate family has done this, I thought I'll never will.

As I've said earlier, I'm no good swimmer. And I have water trauma, too. But my very adventurous side can't stop me from doing so. I'm not sure when I could do it. All I know was, I needed a break from my very monotonous life.

I needed to be near a body of water. I needed to breathe.
I needed to let go of some things...

With the help of some divine intervention, I found a few websites and the next thing I knew, I was booking flights, resort room, and signing up myself for the course. Now that's what I called, spontaneous living! haha

So thanks to this blog: Matt-Gibson.org, I came to know about Fun and Sun Dive!

True enough, Malapascua has lots of dive shops to chose from but Fun and Sun has the friendliest instructors in the island (at local pa!). Even the resort owner where I stayed, Mike said the same things about my choice of diving shop.

The course fee was Php 14,000.00 including the course materials and the use of diving gêars/materials. Rumor has it, they're the cheapest in the island.

Coincidentally, I was given Mike as my instructor. He's born and raised in Cebu City but came to Malapascua to learn how to dive, and eventually fell in love with the island (as most of us did) and never left!

I took the Open Dive Course-- for beginners so to speak. It takes three-four days to finish the course including the dive. For the first two days, I was literally reading books and watching videos. The whole time I was doing this, I was bored!!! Haha. I was itchy, and excited, and can't wait to be underwater!

It was on my second day, late afternoon, after having been instructed the important basic skills in diving, in a confined water, when my instructor decided that I was ready to see the underwater world! And boy, it was the excitement that was killing me! 

I can't fathom enough how I felt at that moment. All I know that the realization of finally being to do it was beyond pure bliss! I never once felt scared! Really.

The corals, the fishes, the water plants were all remarkably beautiful in my eyes. I thank GOD for being awesome and wonderful to have made such a marvelous creation.

I was changed. I was freed. I was healed.

That is why, if you'll be given a chance to do something as amazing as as awesome as like this-- JUST DO IT! There is never a perfect time.

You just know. No buts. No ifs. Just embrace it.

Malapascua is a haven place for divers who wanted to be up-close with some thresher sharks. I was asked if I wanted to but I kindly declined. Only because, we were to leave the dive shop at 2am and see the sharks at 3am. Ahmmmm, I think I could live my life without them...for awhile. ;)

Have you tried or would you like to try scuba diving?