Rock Climbing in Yangshuo


Do you want to climb up across natural rock formations?

Yangshuo is 40 minutes by public bus from Xingping county, where the B&B was located.

After a few days in the old town, I was up for a new adventure and perhaps I was looking for some adrenaline rush after all.

Many research later, the best adventure to do in Yangshuo is rock climbing.

The Yangshuo region has numerous locations for climbing, most easily accessible by bicycle, public bus, or taxi-van.

The most famous of these crags is Moon Hill with several 5.13 graded lines. Other crags of note include Low Mountain, Twin Gates, Baby Frog, The Egg, Bamboo Grove, and Wine Bottle Cliff.

I signed up for Black Rock Climbing...they're very cool and nice.

Picked me up at the bus terminal, provided my rock climbing gears, gave me water, and starved me (but totally my fault)---all for the price of 220rmb (half day).

You see, I've done a lot of adventures already, and perhaps I'm closer to doing something extreme...someday.

So I'm slowly gearing myself towards that.

And rock climbing was totally new to me!

Good thing, a seven year old girl was at the premises to boast my scared soul and body. ;) 

So if she can do it...why can't I?!

And boy, I had an awesome time!!!

Look at my HAPPY, HAPPY face! :)

Rock climbing needs a lot of body coordination, focus, and self-decision making. So at times, you really need to listen to your guts whether the next move is the best move.

On my part, I've just been listening to my yelling instructor. haha. I guess the closest analogy I can give you is that, think of yourself as Spiderman-- saving the world! :D

After the climb, I decided to see Yangshuo and what it has to offer me...

I went for lunch at this cafe and treated myself to some steak. Hey a girl like me had to eat some meat!

I love how you can get around in Yangshuo by foot, by bike, and by motorbike. I suggest our motorists in the Philippines should put up a shield like this in their habal-habals.

If you're planning a trip sometime, in this part of the mainland...


Have you tried or would you like to try rock climbing?