Paragliding in Sta. Leopoldina


What's it like to paraglide?

After my successful Hang Gliding in Rio de Janeiro, I was up for yet another awesome adventure!

Actually, when I did hang gliding, I saw paragliders in the same area. So I made a mental note that I will try it at some point.

The some point has come, when my friend from work, Sheila asked us, if there was anyone interested to join her for paragliding on a weekend.

Without battling an eyelash, I presented myself. Apparently, she found this guy from our city, that if you want to do or learn paragliding, he's the go-to-person. But we didn't want to learn, we just wanted to do it, one time- big time!

Pedro, that's his name, arranged a pick-up point and time for me and Sheila, by the Camburi beach. The place we went to, was a small town called Sta. Leopoldina, which is an hour away from Vitoria.

What I learned from Pedro during our one hour drive was, he has been flying for about 15 years, that paragliding ultimately became his passion and source of income. 

One day, he landed on a huge, empty space of land, that his mind bubble immediately told him, "This is the perfect place to build a house." (In Portuguese, of course.) 

And he did! We stayed at that house for a night and we woke up to the most beautiful sunrise view I've not seen for awhile. 

I love what he did on the place! He planted anything and everything edible-- from spices, fruits, and vegetables! It is my dream to have a similar place like his, where I can literally cook what I can pick from my backyard or even front yard!

That morning, we went out of the house at 9AM and he drove us to the take-off point. But just like hang gliding, this activity also depends on the amount and current of the wind. We waited until early afternoon like almost 3PM to finally do it. 

Again, the waiting was worth it because of the view and the experience. Thank goodness, it was a nice sunny day, too.


How's paragliding? The more I think of it now, the more that it is similar to hang gliding. The only thing is that, we're flying on a parachute and I'm sitting in front of my instructor.


It had a lot of safety harness around my body-- to make sure that no broken ribs will happen, just in case for a wrong landing. It also somehow made the flight a bit more comfortable especially we were up there for half an hour.

The parachute being used was so gigantic that assembling it could take another 10-15 minutes.


The flight was longer than I did hang gliding, which was only 7 minutes. With paragliding it was almost 30 minutes of flying and feeling so awesome on the air. I love that it's more longer up there and you can totally control the flying directions.

Paragliding can be a good hobby or something you can train to do. But just like any activity such as this, you need to invest for all the materials, equipment, and training sessions. 


It was really an awesome feeling!

And I don't mind doing it again. And again. And again. Maybe on another city or location.

The whole thing cost for R$150.00 for the single flight but without pictures or videos. You can compare prices or the kind of flight you want to do from Pedro's website.

Have you tried or would you like to try paragliding?