Taipei, Taiwan



Taipei, Taiwan is the place to go!

Our trip to Taiwan was more like a side trip before we went to the US. Frenchie and I found the cheapest flight from Manila to the US through Eva Air--- that is known for their Hello Kitty planes.


Knowing that Eva Air is an airline company from Taiwan, we were highly-likely to have a stop-over there. So we decided to spend a few days and get to know this other Chinese speaking country in the world. 



I'm impressed at how the airline managed the delayed flight which was only 30 minutes. They gave us a burger and a bottle of water. For a local Philippine airline that's a very rare occasion. Or maybe they don't do that at all.

FrenchieatPinay Tip: Check with your travel insurance if you are covered for a delayed flight compensation.

After almost two hours of flight, we arrived in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. For Filipino passport holders, you need to secure a visa. But if you have a US visa, just fill up a form online through their website and bring the printed copy with you. The airline staff itself will do all the necessary routines upon your check in. That's what I did.


It was a breeze at the immigration. No questions asked. But the airport was still an hour away from the city center of Taipei. To get around the city, there are buses and metro lines conveniently designed to take you from end-to-end of the whole city.

Taipei has a very good public transport system. So if you're planning to go around for some sightseeing, it's best to buy a metro card. It's a very good souvenir, too!

For this trip, we were on a backpacking budget, so we were hosted by a very kind man from Couchsurfing, Tony on his studio apartment near the National Taiwan University.

The best thing about staying with a local is that, they will take you to their favorite spots that probably no other tourist knows and no other guidebooks can suggest. On Tony's case, he took us to his favorite Japanese restaurant, that easily became our favorite, too!

He also took us to the night market that Taiwan is very famous for. We love the vibe and the colorful food around us that night!




Their subway lines are very clean and spacious. And Taiwanese people act courteously.



They provide free maps and guide information on every subway stations/stops. And in English, too!



Their subway view is all green and natural!



They have cool and inspiring places to hang out.





They have clean and safe alleyways that will make you love walking. And fun, too!



Their local dishes are so good, delicious, and cheap!

They have art and historical museums, most famous one is the National Palace Museum-- which is home to 696,000 pieces of ancient Chinese imperial artifacts and artworks from Forbidden City in Beijing, China. Making it one of the largest museums in the world.





They have a very organized way of making the mainland Chinese behave! I mean, just look at how miraculous this line was. In China, tat's a rare sight! Haha!





They have the best viewing point of the sunset overlooking then Taiwan strait. Which is another cool place to walk. 



They have a lover's bridge that even when you're alone you can still go there. Haha.



They're being responsible pet owners.



They have a 24hour laundry places that became a good training place before we arrived in New York. It was a first to me! 

their tallest building--- TAIPEI 101, is also the greenest building in the world!



Their airport has a reading area with lots of books to choose from!

FrenchieatPinay Tips: Taiwan is also famous for their hot springs. They have a lot around the city and the prices vary from 80- 1,000TWD. We went to a public one and only paid for 25TWD per person. No pictures allowed though.

Have you been or would you like to go to taiwan?